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Welcome to 420JOB.com a marijuana friendly job site. Simply fill out your profile information and become searchable by marijuana friendly employers, recruiters and potential business partners. See Resume of a complete 420JOB.com profile.

420JOB.com offers a custom profile building service for members where you simply upload your resume and we edit your dossier. In addition to resume building 420JOB.com will draft a summary to add to your profile with one of these “Verified” icons:

  • 420 Verified 420  Verified resume, summary and profile completed.

The following include 420 Verified (above) with designations:

  • leaficon LEAF  BUSINESS owners and entrepreneurs.
  • thcicon THC  MEDICAL marijuana clinics and dispensaries i.e bud-tenders, buyers.
  • budiconBUD  CULTIVATION for legal and medicinal marijuana  i.e growers, trimmers .
  • tieiconTIE  RETAIL shops i.e customer service, sales associates.


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