Cannabis Careers for Previously Convicted Felons


The legal status of cannabis around the world can determine opportunity for work or potential for limitation by laws. Job opportunities are often found by being available and hunting for your occupation. Most incarcerated men and women do not have access to the jobs available outside of lock-up. When a prisoner is released they may find themselves knowing few skills, few people and even less open positions at companies that will hire someone with a criminal record. team understands a large number of ex-convicts are not dangerous and were simply criminalized for involvement in cannabis. Offenders are supposedly in a “correctional institute” and possibly have corrected the behaviors that would offend.

Released prisoners reentering society are sometimes unsure how to communicate that they spent time. Be sure that an employer can find out. Honesty is the best policy for longevity in the cannabis business world.

If a job requires a skill or knowledge, perhaps there can be use in applying the abilities of our recently freed community members.

Re-Entry Assistance will host your resume for free as a candidate for potential hire. Simply fill out resume

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